Simple Yet Effective Tips to Manage your Time Efficiently

If you think you do not have enough time to accomplish all your tasks in a day then think again. You have exactly as many hours in a day as the guy who stood first in your class or your friend who just cracked a tough competitive examination. If they can accomplish their tasks so well then why can’t you? The reason most likely is that you aren’t making the most of the time you have. The problem is common. With so many distractions around it is hard to concentrate and manage our time efficiently. If you are looking for ways to manage your time effectively then the below mentioned tips should help.

1. Prioritize Your Work
The first thing you must do is to prioritize your tasks based on their importance and urgency. Plan to complete your most important tasks first and then move on to the rest.

2. Time Your Tasks
Don’t just sit and go on working for hours. Keep a tab on the time. Time every single task of yours. This will motivate you to speed up your tasks.

3. Stay Motivated
It is difficult to concentrate and stay motivated all through the day. In order to stay motivated, it is a good idea to reward yourself after every task. Plan to do anything that relaxes you after accomplishing each task – it may be having your favorite cookies or chatting with a friend or checking your social media account. This way your aim would be to do something you love and this will motivate you to complete your work as fast as you can.

4. Focus on Your Current Task
You might have a long list of tasks to be accomplished during the day but worrying about the same, juggling between tasks and taking a look at your list time and again will not do any good. Take one task at a time and focus on what you are doing to give it your 100% and finish it fast.

5. Create Workable Plans
Always set goals that are achievable and do your best to attain them else you will end up feeling like a loser every time. It is suggested to make a list of the tasks to be completed during a day and tick mark each task as you complete it. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and motivate you to work harder.

6. Take Adequate Sleep
If you think you shall be able to increase the number of working hours by compromising on your sleep then you are wrong. Not having enough sleep will only make you feel exhausted and decrease
your productivity. It may even have a negative impact on your health.

7. Exercise and Eat Right
Squeeze in some time for exercise every day. Indulge in any activity of your choice. This will help you relax and concentrate better. It is also essential to have a well balanced diet. Avoid oily and sugary food as these make you feel lethargic and hamper productivity.

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