Small Goals That Motivate Students to Get a Top Rank in JEE

Top Rank in JEE.

Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) is known for its vast syllabus and tricky exam paper. Students often get perplexed and de-motivated during the preparation of this exam. Many of them give up on their dreams just because they are unable to cope up with the pressure. Here are few small goals to keep you motivated and help you attain top rank in JEE:

  1. Begin With the Topic of Your Interest

It is best to begin your preparation with a topic of your interest. This will keep you glued to your books and you will learn it with enthusiasm. When you finish one topic quickly it will raise your confidence level and motivate you to begin with the next. On the other hand, if you begin with a topic that doesn’t interest you or is quite difficult or lengthy, you will feel tired and de-motivated.

  1. Set a Target

You know your calibre and skills better than anyone else in this world. Your parents and teachers may be having high expectations from you but you know how well you can perform and how much you can expect from yourself. So instead of setting unrealistic goals about the marks to be achieved, you must set a target that you believe you can achieve. Then, work hard for achieving that target.

  1. Prepare Weekly Goals

Instead of making monthly or yearly goals, it is best to set small weekly goals. Prepare a weekly schedule and stick to it. When you have a schedule at hand and are dedicated to achieving the set goals you do not only manage your time efficiently but also stay motivated.

  1. Make Daily To-Do- Lists

You may have prepared a weekly schedule however your priorities may differ based on various factors. For instance, your teacher may give a homework assignment or might schedule a sudden test or your friends may schedule a group study session. So even though you have a weekly schedule handy, you must prepare daily to-do lists to prioritize your tasks. Check all the tasks at the end of the day. Completing them all time shall give you a sense of accomplishment. This will also motivate you to work hard for the next day.

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  1. Give Mock Tests

Mock tests must be given regularly. These tests do not only help assess your knowledge and identify your weaknesses but also motivate you to perform better the next time. You feel the urge to score more the next time and thus put in all the more efforts to study hard.

  1. Improve on Different Aspects One by One

Instead of taking up everything at once and getting confused in the event it is suggested to work on each aspect one by one. For instance, if you are weak in a few topics, it is suggested to go slow, find out where you lack, clarify all your doubts related to the same and learn it yet again using different techniques to be thorough with it.

  1. Reward Yourself

Another way to motivate self is to reward yourself at every small goal you achieve. This reward can simply be binge-watching a web series, going out with friends, having your favourite pack of chips or anything that you love and can squeeze in time for. This will keep you motivated to work hard and achieve more such goals.

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