Etoosindia Social Media: Medium to Amp NEET and JEE Preparation!

Etoosindia Social Media

Etoosindia Social Media: Etoosindia has started a revolution with its online coaching for NEET and JEE. Online coaching platform has not only proved to be a boon for medical and engineering aspirants located in regions devoid of good IIT and NEET coaching institutes but has been equally fruitful for those living in other parts of the country. This is because the number of benefits it offers over the conventional coaching are immense.

At Etoosindia, the coaching and preparation for these tough entrance examinations don’t end here. The institute has more in store for its students. It has now begun to use social media platforms as a means to reach the students and help them amp their preparation for these exams. Here is how the institute is making the most of the power of the social media platforms to help the students:

Etoosindia’s Social Media Handles

Etoosindia runs a dedicated page for NEET and JEE on Facebook. It also updates the latest information about these entrance exams on Twitter and other social media platforms. Read on to learn what all these social media handles of the institute have in store for the budding engineers and medical students:

All the latest news and updates related to NEET and JEE are posted on these social media handles. This includes everything from the date of release of the application forms to the announcement of the examination date, from the collection of admit card to any modification in the examination procedure – all the nitty-gritty of the upcoming exams is posted here. So, you do not have to check elsewhere for an important update on the same.

NEET and JEE preparation and revision tips are shared quite often. Many useful tips are shared here. Tips to stay calm during the exam are also shared on these platforms.

Students are also motivated to study for these exams by way of various motivational quotes, stories and short videos.

Questions from the JEE and NEET syllabus are also put across in certain posts just to help the students test their knowledge and prepare better.

Students can also put across questions (related to these exams or anything from the syllabus) on the social media and the same are answered by the faculty members at Etoosindia.

Etoosindia’s YouTube Tutorials

Etoosindia runs an exclusive YouTube channel to help the students prepare for NEET and JEE. This channel has gained a lot of popularity owing to the amount of help it is providing to these students. The channel has a total of 850,200 subscribers. Here is what this channel offers you:

A number of free JEE and NEET lectures on important topics.

NEET and JEE video solutions and answer keys post the examination.

You may even request for the explanation of certain topics from the syllabus. The faculties at the institute are glad to provide such videos on demand.

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