Best Self Study Plan for 12th Board Exam by Expert

Study Plan for 12th Board Exam.

Class 12th board exams are extremely crucial. Your score in these exams determines, to a large extent, the career path you shall tread on. It is thus highly important to invest this year completely in studying and let the other activities take a back seat. While it is essential to enroll for a good coaching class to prepare thoroughly for your upcoming Class 12th Board Exams, you wouldn’t get anywhere if you do not devote enough time for self-study. Here is an effective study plan for 12th board exam to help you prepare better.

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Best Self Study Plan for 12th Board Exam

  1. Prepare a Study Schedule: Begin by roughly dividing your syllabus to get an idea about how much time you require dedicating to each topic/ subject to complete the preparation on time. Once you get the idea, prepare a monthly schedule and stick to it. Make sure your study timetable for class 12th board exam is workable and not too stern.
  1. Identify Your Study Hours: As you prepare your study plan, make sure that the time of the day when you can concentrate best is set aside for learning your lessons. The written assignments and other tasks can be taken care of at other times.
  1. Prioritize Your Tasks: While you already have a study plan in place and you must make efforts to stick to it at times you may fail as you may have a surprise test, a sudden call for an assignment or a surprise visit by friends/ relatives. To accommodate these and ensure that you run the day properly and are not left clueless due to these sudden changes, it is suggested to prioritize your tasks at the beginning of the day. Prepare a to-do list each day so that you can manage your time properly even if you require making any change in the schedule.
  1. Give Mock Tests: Understanding the topics in your coaching class is the first step towards preparation for the board exams, studying it again at home is the second, the third is testing your knowledge. Make sure your study plan for 12th board exam includes enough time for giving mock tests and solving sample papers. This will help you test your knowledge and work on your weaknesses.

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  1. Revise: Your study plan for the 12th board exam must also include enough time for revision. As you study new chapters to prepare for your exams, keep revising and re-revising the old ones to memorize them well. The more you revise, the better you retain them.
  1. Go for Online Coaching: Students often waste a lot of time commuting to the coaching center each day. And you wouldn’t deny the fact that even if you don’t want to you cannot resist standing in the group and chit-chatting after the class gets over. To overcome these issues and manage your time more efficiently it is suggested to go for Online Coaching Institute for Preparation.
  1. Follow a Healthy Lifestyle: Many students go overboard with their board exam preparation. They draft a stringent daily study timetable for students’ preparation and forget to take care of their health in the event. Remember, “A healthy mind breeds in a healthy body”. So, if you do not take care of your physical and mental health you will never be able to prepare well for your exams. You must especially take care of the following:
  • Ensure you take a complete 8 hours of sleep each day to wake up fresh and stay energized.
  • Squeeze in 30 minutes each day to indulge in any kind of physical exercise such as walking, swimming, dancing or cycling. This helps burst stress and improves your power to concentrate.
  • Make sure you follow a healthy diet plan and have your meals on time.

Lastly, don a positive attitude and maintain your focus.

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