What Do Teachers Have to Say About E-Learning?

E-LearningE-learning has taken the world of education by storm. It has eased the process of learning. Technology has brought the world together and the education system of different countries closer. Teachers around the world are all praise for this all new method of imparting education. This is not only because of the ease it offers to the students but also because it connects the teachers across the globe. It is easier to exchange ideas and learn and inculcate good practices by way of E-learning. Here, is a detailed look at why teachers across the globe are going gaga about e-learning:

From Student’s Point of View

The ultimate aim of a teacher is to ensure that the students learn well. Looking at this new mode of teaching, the teachers feel that it offers the following benefits:

  • Time Management

Going for the conventional classes every day can be quite time consuming. Besides, the students require scheduling their entire day as per their class timings. E-learning is a great way to manage time efficiently. The time wasted in commuting is saved. Students are also free to set the time of their class.

  • Study At Own Pace

Students can study at their own sweet pace with E-learning. They can view the lectures as many times as they want until they are thorough with them.

  • No Need to Relocate

With E-learning, students do not require relocating to a different place to seek coaching. The hassle of relocating and the economical, emotional and other issues attached to it are known to the teachers. Hence, they believe that E-learning is a boon for the students as well as their parents.

  • Flexibility of Time and Place

E-learning offers the flexibility to choose the time and place of study. This is a great plus for the students.

  • Economical Option

Coaching classes charge a good amount of money these days and parents are often in a dilemma while choosing these classes for their kids. E-learning is comparatively quite economical and this is another point why it is a great way of getting expert guidance.

From Teacher’s Point of View

Here is what teachers have to say about the way E-learning has benefitted them:

  • Delivering Uninterrupted Lectures

Teachers cannot deny the fact that they at times lose pace of what they are teaching because of unnecessary disturbance in the class. Students’ chit-chatting in the class during lectures is quite common. Then, there are certain set of students who ask numerous questions in the class with the sole intend to disturb the class. The teachers cannot avoid these even though they can see what these students are up to. By way of e-learning teachers can give lectures uninterruptedly. These are thus greater quality lectures.

  • Glad to Reach Every Nook and Corner

Teachers want every child in the nation to get education as they know its importance.  They are glad that they can reach every nook and corner of the country and impart education to students living in remote areas by way of this new mode.

  • Assisting Students Became Easy

Online coaching centers such as Etoosindia have introduced doubt clinic forums. By way of these, teachers can assist the students. It is a better way to clarify the doubts and apprehensions of the students compared to the way these are solved in the conventional classes.

  • Credibility

It is often seen that the negligibility of a few faculty members brings bad name for the entire institute. The other teachers at such institutes have to suffer because of this. However, here even the parents can have access to these lectures. Thus, they can view and judge the credibility of each faculty member separately.

  • Flexibility

The teachers also have the flexibility to choose their time of delivering the lectures. In many cases, they can also choose to deliver the lecture remotely and share it with the institute.

So these are the reasons why teachers are all praise for E-learning. What do you have to say about it?

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