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Online Learning Technology has made life easy for us. It is used in every sphere of life these days thereby making life comfortable and smooth. Among other sectors, it is the education sector that has made the most of the technologically advanced tools and devices. It is the technology that has made e-learning possible and proved to be a boon for students. This new mode of learning/ teaching has made learning quite easy for students.

How has technology made learning/teaching easy?

1. Flexible Timings

One of the ways in which technology has made learning easy for students is by offering them the ease of studying at a time convenient for them. You can log on to the internet and get whatever content you want and study at any time of the day or night, unlike the earlier times when students had to visit the library during certain fixed hours of the day to fetch such information. You can also seek online coaching via video lectures at any time of the day.

2. Everything is Just a Click Away

Technology has made it easier for us to find just about any information. Any information you require related to any topic is just a click away unlike earlier times when students had to immerse in the pile of books to get the required content.

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3.No Commuting Hassles

Commuting can be quite taxing and also wastes a lot of time – time that can be spent on studying or doing some other productive task. Technology has made it possible for students to get coaching right in the comfort of their homes. It has facilitated online coaching that shuns the need to commute and thus avoids the hassles involved in the process.

  1. No Relocation Required

Many students require relocating to pursue higher studies or seek coaching for admission to various courses. Relocation proves to be quite expensive and not many people can afford the same. Besides, living in a distant location without parents can be emotionally disturbing for the students. This problem has been resolved with the introduction of online coaching.

  1. Study at Own Pace

Technology has also made it possible for students to study at their own pace. They can pause, rewind, re-run or forward the lectures whenever and as many times as they want. This helps in studying better as this way the students do not have to skip any topic without being thorough with it.

  1. Smart Devices to the Rescue

While a few years back students had to rely on desktops for e-learning, these days smartphones, laptops and tabs have made the entire experience all the easier. Putting technology to the right use, Etoosindia began its journey of providing JEE and NEET coaching to students via an online platform. The institute comes up with various offers wherein the students can purchase smart devices along with video lectures at discounted rates.

Thus, among the various advantages of technology, this one certainly ranks among the top.

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