Three Benefits of Having Class 11th and 12th syllabus for JEE Entrance

The news that JEE entrance curriculum will only include syllabus from class 11th and 12th has come as a relief for the students aiming to sit for this competitive examination. And why not? This will make the JEE preparation much easier for them. Let us learn as to how it will benefit the students in three major ways:

Limited Syllabus
JEE syllabus has always been very vast thereby making the preparation a big task for the candidates. They require learning a wide variety of topics in order to be thorough with the subject. However, with this latest modification the students know exactly where to look for the curriculum and what exactly to cover in order to crack the same.

Thorough Understanding
Since the students will already be familiar with the topics and will study the same all over again as they begin their JEE preparation they will develop a clear understanding of the subject. They will be taught the same in their school and then again during their JEE coaching. Studying the same topic repeatedly does not only give you a better understanding of it but also helps you retain it for long.

Easier Time Management
One of the main problems faced by those who prepare for entrance examinations and board exams simultaneously is time constraint. However, since now you are not required to juggle between your CBSE and JEE syllabus and devote separate time to each of them, you shall be able to manage your time more easily and efficiently.

So if you are planning to sit for JEE next year, you are already at an advantage. Work hard and make the most of this alteration.

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