Daily Time Table for Class 9th and 10th

Time Table for Class 9th and 10thClass 9th and 10th are the stepping stones for your future. The concepts learned in class 9th help in learning those taught in 10th better and it goes without saying why performing in the 10th standard is important. The marks obtained in class 10th board exams determine the stream you will choose and also, to a large extent, the career path you will tread on in future. It is thus essential to follow a systematic approach while studying to prepare thoroughly for your exam. The time table for class 9th and 10th shared here should help you in this direction:

Time Table for Class 9th and 10th

  1. Wake Up Early

For most students the day begins by getting ready for the school and the hustle and bustle involved in the same. It is time to get organized and the first step towards this is to wake up just about an hour before you usually do. Devote this time to revise the chapters you studied at your coaching the previous day. Your mind is fresh during the early morning hours and this time is best for revision.

  1. Relax

Before you close your books and rush to get ready just squeeze in a quick 5 minutes to relax and this can best be done by deep breathing. Practice deep breathing a couple of times in the fresh atmosphere of the morning and see the difference. This is a great way to de-stress and boost your power to concentrate.

  1. Healthy Diet is Important

It is particularly important to take care of your diet. It is only if you eat properly would you be able to stay healthy and energetic and concentrate completely on your studies. Remember the time is crucial and you cannot afford to waste it by falling ill. Do not overlook the importance of having something healthy before you leave for school. Milk and fruits or a bowl of milk and cereals is a good option.

  1. Written Assignments

There is quite a lot of homework and written assignments that we require preparing in these higher classes. It is best to complete all of this once you are back from school. This is the time when you are exhausted and are not in a state to concentrate. However, you can always prepare assignments during this time as they mainly involve looking for content and jotting it down and you do not require much of a brainstorming for it.

  1. Rejuvenate

Once you are done with your written assignments, it is suggested to squeeze in around half an hour to rejuvenate so as to regain your power to concentrate. Do whatever works for you. If you feel fresh after taking a quick nap then go for it, if you are one of those who feels energized after taking a stroll or cycling then indulge in it, if talking to a friend helps then do that. The idea is to refresh your mind and get back to work.

  1. Learn/ Revise

It is time now to pick fresh topics to learn. Now, that your mind is refreshed you shall be able to concentrate and grasp your lessons quickly. You may even use this time to revise the already learned lessons.

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  1. Plan

Prepare a to-do list for the next day before going to sleep so that you begin and run your day in a systematic manner without wasting any time in deciding what needs to be done next.

  1. Have Adequate Sleep

Many students make the mistake of compromising on their sleep in an attempt to increase their study hours. This is the worst thing to do. Never compromise on your sleep as this will only leave you lethargic. Not having adequate sleep for days can even cause serious health issues. You must thus ensure that you complete 8 hours of sleep every day.

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