Effective Tips for IIT Preparation: Tips to start your Preparation Early

5 Effective Tips for IIT Preparation

Effective Tips for IIT Preparation: IIT exam is one of the most difficult entrance exams conducted in India. Lakhs of students apply for the same every year to be able to accomplish their dream of becoming top engineers. The IIT preparation demands focus and strong dedication. 

The competition is so high that the aspiring candidates need to score top-notch to be able to secure a seat in the top IITs and NITs such competitive exams cannot be championed with just overnight studies but require years of practice and dedication. And hence it is important for the candidates to start their preparation as early as possible. 

Now you must be wondering what is the right time to start your IIT preparation?

The best time to start your preparation for your JEE Exam  is in the 9th class. Early preparation gives you ample time to work on your basics and to be able to excel in the IIT exam it is important to have a good command of your basics. 

5 Effective Tips for IIT Preparation Early

Following are the tips to help you with how to prepare for IIT:

A serious check on the syllabus

Amongst the effective tips for iit preparation Early Start Benefits. The first and foremost thing that your IIT preparation demands are your familiarity with the syllabus. When appearing for such competitive exams you need to be well versed with the whole syllabus. This will help you know the important chapters and topics. Not knowing the syllabus can lead to missing out on a few topics that can be of high importance and will in turn impact your exams. 

A reliable time-table

Another Effective Tips for IIT Preparation Early Start is follow a proper time table. Before you jump on how to prepare for IIT from class 9 it is important to form a proper timetable. Do not take more than 20 minutes while forming this timetable for JEE Aspirants. Give equal time to every subject in this timetable. Give more time to topics with high weightage. Don’t forget to add small breaks to this timetable so that you do not get bored or frustrated during long hours of study. 

Effective Tips for IIT Preparation: Do not skip NCERTs

The very basic answer to the question of how to prepare for JEE from class 9 is not skipping NCERTs. NCERTs are not enough for IIT-JEE preparation but are essential in building a strong foundation of the basics. You need to be excellent in advanced-level questions to be able to score high in the JEE exam. And in order to do that, you need to have good knowledge of your basics first. And this can be achieved if you have a good hold of the basics. 

Lots of practice

Practice makes a man perfect and the same applies to IIT preparation. The more you practice the more chances you secure of cracking the IIT Exam

Your major question about how to prepare for IIT-JEE will be solved if you are spending a good amount of time practicing. This can be done either by solving a mock test series or the previous year’s question paper. Mock test series are formed on the basis of a jee advanced NTA paper pattern that prepares you well for the actual exams. It also helps you in polishing your problem-solving skills. 

Best coaching classes

It is not compulsory to attend coaching institutions if you are on your IIT preparation but coaching plays a key role in making you well prepared for the IIT exam. Coaching institutions play an important role in preparing you for the advanced levels thus making the IIT exam easy for you.

So, these are some of the tips that will help you get started with your IIT preparation from the 9th onwards 


What is the right time to start preparing for JEE?

The right time to start preparing for your IIT exam is in the 9th standard. As it will give you enough time to get a good hold on your basics, will provide you ample time for revision and boards. An early start of the IIT preparation will help you crack the exam with flying colors.

How many hours of self-study is required for JEE?

If you are attending coaching classes then you need to spend at least 6-8 hours on self-study.

Why is JEE so hard?

JEE is one of the toughest competitive exams in India and includes 4 years of the syllabus that involves 3 subjects i.e chemistry, physics, mathematics, and above all the question paper is totally unpredictable.

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