Tips for Writing Section in English Board Exams

English Board Exams

Contrary to the popular belief, you can score high in the language exams just as you do in other subjects. All you need to do is to be thorough with the syllabus and follow the right approach. English board exam is one examination that most students find easy however they are still unable to score well in the same particularly when it comes to the writing section. Here are a few tips to help you score better in the writing section in English board exam:

Before we get to the tips for writing section in English board exam, let us understand what this section comprises of. The section is basically divided into three parts:

  • Short Answer Questions
  • Long Answer Questions
  • Very Long Answer Questions

The short answer question section includes writing notices and formal and informal invitations, preparing advertisements and drafting posters.

The long answer question section includes writing letter. These may include writing application for job, writing business letters for registering complaints, making enquiries or placing orders or writing letters to editor providing suggestions or opinions.

The very long answer questions include writing article, speech or debate. These can be descriptive or argumentative. The weightage of this section is 30 marks.

Now that you know what exactly is included in the writing section in English board exam, let us have a look at a few tips to help you score good in this section:

  1. Read

Since you do not have any particular topics to prepare and you can be given any topic to write on it is wise to read as much as you can. Read articles, letters, notices and speeches on as many topics as you can. Make it a habit to read at least one of these each day. You can easily squeeze in around 15-20 minutes around bedtime for this purpose. The more you read the better prepared you will be.

  1. Learn the Format

There are set formats for drafting different kinds of letters, articles, notices, posters, advertisements and other pieces of writing. You must ensure that you have a thorough knowledge about each of these formats because even if you produce rich content but fail to follow the format you will end up losing marks. So the format is of utmost importance here.

  1. Improve Grammar

English is all about the use of correct grammar. Hone your grammatical skills if you really want to score good in this exam. Go through grammar books and seek help from your teachers wherever required to ensure you have a sound knowledge of grammar.

  1. Practice

Even though you may not know the exact topics that may be asked in the exam, going through the sample papers and previous years’ exam papers will give you an idea about the kind that are generally included in this section. Practicing more and more of these will enhance your knowledge and skills.

The other two sections included in the English board exam are the Reading Comprehension and Literature and Long Reading Text. The Reading Comprehension section includes unseen passages that the students are required to read and answer questions from. There are many short answer and MCQ type questions asked from these passages. This section is also for 30 marks.

The third section, Literature and Long Reading Text, includes questions from the prescribed chapters and poems. This section is for a total of 40 marks.

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