Top Tips for Improving Your English

Top Tips for Improving Your EnglishWhether you want to create an impression on your friends, colleagues or interviewer, good English and strong communication skills is something that always works. While good English speaking and writing skills is the need of the hour as it gives you an edge when you step into the corporate world not many schools in the country put any special efforts to hone the same. This is particularly true when it comes to spoken English. So here we are to give you a few simple tips to improve your English:

  1. Read Newspapers and Magazines

One of the best ways to improve both your written and spoken English is by reading newspapers, magazines, novels and basically anything and everything you can lay your hands on. The more you read the more you understand how different sentences are formed to put across ideas. Newspapers are particularly good for improving vocabulary and understanding how different thoughts and ideas should be expressed.

  1. Watch English Sitcoms

Watching English sitcoms is a great way to learn the fun way. There are numerous of these available online. Just choose the genres of your choice and play these one by one. It is a good idea to set aside around half an hour each day to watch these. You will learn the art of voice modulation and also come across various new words and phrases this way.

  1. Learn a New Word Everyday

Make it a habit to learn at least one new word each day. This is a great way to enrich your vocabulary. It is a good idea to look for a new word from the dictionary each day and send it to your friends. It will keep you motivated to do this activity regularly. Also do not just read and forget them. Make a diary in which you can keep adding these words on a daily basis. Go through the entire list regularly so that you retain them well.

  1. Write

Apart from reading, it is also suggested to write. Now, writing here does not mean you need to indulge in formal writing every time. Just pick a paper and pen down your thoughts on any topic of your choice. As you begin with this, you will have to brain storm to look for words and sentences to put your thoughts on paper and will enhance your language skills.

  1. Speak

The more you try to converse in this language the more you will be able to improve on it. So don’t restrict yourself to talking in English only in your school, college, office or whenever you are required to, make it a habit to converse in this language in your routine life too. Speak in English at home, when you are with friends and elsewhere too.

  1. Company Affects

Your company has a big impact on every aspect of your life. If you want to improve your English, it is suggested to meet people who converse in this language. Join book clubs and forums to socialize with such people.

You must give yourself both long term and short term goals when it comes to accomplishing any task and improving English is no exception. So set some goals for yourself and stick to them. Stay motivated and keep moving towards your goals and you shall certainly achieve them.

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