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Topic Free Pass

Understanding, solid grip, excellent basics are some of the many requirements that you must be instilled with if you are one of those students preparing for the JEE or NEET exam. Being highly coveted these exams demand proper concentration, dedication, tremendous hard work and most importantly every topic at your disposal.

The JEE and NEET exams incorporate a vast syllabus which makes these exams even more demanding. To have every topic of syllabus on finger tips is as grueling as important it is. And with such a heavy syllabus you must be finding trouble to have a good understanding over every topic. But no worries, as it is quite obvious to have doubts when preparing for demanding exams like JEE and NEET. What you should pay attention to is  that you need to excel in your weak topics. Studying every topic in-depth is a necessary requirement because every topic makes your overall score.


To help you with your topic based doubts, ETOOS India your learning partner brings you an expertly curated TOPIC FREE PASS to meet your topic based requirements.

Why is TOPIC FREE PASS an ultimate choice?

To sail through the JEE or NEET exam it is a pivotal requisite to have an in-depth knowledge of each and every topic. But the vastness of the syllabus makes it quite challenging to have every topic on finger tips.
The questions in NEET or JEE exam are asked from every topic of the syllabus and hence it’s your grip over every topic that forms your total score. A single weak topic can affect your over percent.

To avoid this, our brilliantly formed topic free pass is all that you need to meet your learning requirement of every topic. This course makes the NEET or JEE exam unchallenging by building a solid base of every topic. This topic based course follows a unique way of digging deeper into the concerned topics to make it facile for the aspirants to grasp.

The TOPIC FREE PASS course is furnished with the following perks:

1. Multiple faculties to choose from

ETOOS India understands that every student is unique and thus has different learning requirements. Thus, we provide you multiple faculty options to choose from all the JEE and NEET faculties to serve the purpose of learning for every aspirant.

2. Buy any 3 at Just Rs. 999

ETOOS India provides you this expert curated TOPIC FREE PASS at the most affordable prices. Choose any topic for just Rs. 499 and any three topics at  just Rs. 999.

3. More practice for more efficiency

To excel in the JEE or NEET  exam you need to build efficiency in your weaker areas not just by understanding them to the core but also by practicing regularly because The more one does something, the better at it one becomes. With our TOPIC FREE PASS, get unique practice questions for higher perfection and self-evaluation.

4. Faster results with CBT

ETOOS India is a technologically advanced institute and to make your NEET-JEE preparation even better we provide Computer Based Tests (CBT). With our  CBT’s you do not have to wait for your results for weeks or months but you will be provided with results instantly. On choosing our TOPIC FREE PASS you will get 2 tests of the selected topic.

5. Doubt chats

Not just the topics are delivered by experts but also you get to ask your doubts through live doubt chats on ETOOS mobile app where your doubts will be resolved in no time by our expert faculties only.

So, if you are stuck in your topic based problems, clear them with ETOOS India’s TOPIC FREE PASS and breeze through your JEE or NEET exam.
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